All displays come complete with screws, wall plugs and nylon spacers to raise the display away from the your wall.


Fixing Medal Displays to walls or wooden housing such as wardrobes and shelves.

1. Hold display on wall in desired position and use a pencil to mark where the two holes are. You can use a spirit-level to make sure it is straight.  

2. Use a 5mm wide drill bit and drill two 25mm deep holes where you have marked with pencil.


(Note: If fixing to wood e.g. cupboards, shelves then use a 2mm bit and skip step 3)

3. Insert the wall plugs in to the holes and push in until flush.


4. Push the screws through the holes on the display, through the included nylon spacers and then into the wall plugs.
5. Then simply tighten with a screwdriver!

6. Take a step back and admire your handywork!