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mom au may 2018

This month we shine our spotlight to super mum, Stacy Frogley, who first fell in love with running in 2010 but has taken her fitness level up a notch by becoming a triathlete. Here is her inspiring story. 


“So I haven’t always been an athlete, 14 years ago I weighed 30kg more than I do now and was not happy at all. When I finally did wake up and realize that I was quite unhealthy I lost the weight and began searching for that thing that made me truly happy.


In 2010, I got my answer; running! Within six weeks of starting running I completed my first half marathon and never looked back.


I heard someone talking about Ironman one day and my interest was piqued, after having my two children I decided to try my first triathlon, despite not being able to swim with my head under water and falling off my bike countless times! 


Three years later and I’ve now won my age group and placed overall in short distance races, and have completed two half Ironmans. I have another half Ironman in Sunshine Coast in August and next year I hope to complete my first full Ironman. I can’t wait to run down that finishers chute, and see my husband and children’s faces as I fulfill that dream I had so many years ago!”


mom au may 2018

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