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Thank you for all the amazing stories you shared with us this year. We end 2019 with yet another tale which is nothing short of inspirational. Young athlete, Olivia Kay, has the heart of a warrior and is undeterred by challenges and set backs. 

We are continuously filled with wonder by what these young superstars are capable of achieving.  

Let’s hear it from her mum Sheridan. 

“ My 12 year old daughter, Olivia, is the epitome of an 'all-rounder'. Whether it’s swimming, dance, soccer or netball  she has a competitive nature and pushes herself to her true potential. She also has incredible resilience and belief in her abilities. Set backs don’t stop her. In fact, they make her more determined. 

She has a tremendous work and training ethic and is often revered by her peers while remaining very humble. 

She has been a representative competitor in dance, swimming, netball, water polo & soccer and is willing to give anything a go. 

She is also mindful with her nutrition and fuels her body with incredible food. I often have to remind myself she is only 12.

The two Medal Displays she has say “Dream, Believe, Achieve” &  “Always earned, Never given” and this is a true representation of my girl."

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