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The Running Fit Hub

We all know how rewarding running can be. Aside from the obvious physical benefits, running regularly can improve our mental wellbeing and ultimately enrich every aspect of our lives.

Sometimes, however, it's not always easy to stay motivated to lace up and get out there.

As a beginner, in particular, it can being overwhelming when working out how to start and then how to build upon the foundations.

The Running Fit Hub is a community supported hub designed to provide education and motivation to all runners and we caught up with founder, Natalie Moore, to get the lowdown.

Natalie, The Running Fit Hub launched on January the 26th and it looks amazing! Could you please tell us a bit more about who it's for and how it will help them?

The Running Fit Hub is an online members hub aimed at motivating and inspiring new and beginner runners to make a great start to the sport and continue wth it.

More specifically I have a real desire to encourage mums and dads to get out running with their kids.

I hope through this hub that parents can feel connected with other families and can learn how rewarding running can be.

Through the hub I wish to educate, inform and motivate hub members and introduce them to the benefits of running, how to start running, goal setting, mindset improvements, nutrition and diet health as well as be connected to some great businesses and individuals who also have a real passion for running.

I will bring my personal experience of running and the role it plays in mine and my families life, as well as my background in Health and Wellness coaching.

Plus there are some great industry professionals who have joined the hub and are ready to assist hub members.

You're extremely passionate about getting people running and feeling healthy. How did you get in to running and what keeps your passion so strong?

I started running about 10 years ago and I simply started because I thought I couldn’t run and I wanted to give it a try.

I was running well before I became a mother but since I had my daughter running has become so much more than a hobby, it is a lifestyle.

And its one which is so heavily entrenched into my family with my husband and my daughter. I want to share with people just how truly life enriching running can be.

It goes beyond just being exercise or the number on the scales, its a chance to experience a deep level of achievement, it improves confidence, great for emotional and mental wellbeing, it encourages goal setting and of course it connects you with a community that is so engaging and motivating.

I love talking to anyone about running and the one thing that saddens me most is when people say, they can’t run but wish they could.

We all have the ability to run, its just a matter of trying it and practising it.

As the quote goes, strive for progress not perfection - the skill of running takes time but it is one that you will improve on with each run.

The Running Fit Hub has tools, challenges, offers and a strong supportive community at it's core. Where would you love to see it progress? What's your main goal for the hub?

I would love to introduce running to people across the country.

I want to see more people involving their kids.

I want to connect with as many families as I can across the country and I want to help others experience the benefits of running.

As a parent I know all too well the pressures we face in trying to look after ourselves and putting our own health and needs first can be a real juggle and challenge.

But running serves as a convenient means to involve our partners and our kids which has us physically moving as well as spending quality time together.

I know my daughter loves any chance to join me for a run but she also loves being a part of fun runs and the running community.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions, we're looking forward to watching the hub grow! Where can people go for more info about the Running Fit Hub?

The Running Fit Hub has just launched and if you want to become a member you can sign up at

The members fee is $50 per year and the benefits will keep giving all year.