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Most people run to be fit while others decide to pursue the sport to be part of a group or to compete in races. No matter the reason, this sport offers a variety of benefits. 

It wasn’t love at first run for our featured athlete, Nicola Yan admits, but through her years of persistence she has come to love the sport and has now become unstoppable. Here is her story.

“My name is Nicola and I started running in early 2011 after my first child had started school in Oct 2010 and wanted to lose some weight.  I ate healthier and started running because it felt easier than joining a gym.  Up until then I never liked running, even when workmates started running I couldn’t even do 500m with them.  

It was another 10 years till I started and now I love it.  I first started slowly and built up to the 5km nonstop running with the C25K app.  I always start with the app again if I haven’t run for many months, as it’s an easy gentle way to build up my running stamina again.

My first event was the Sculpt Women’s 6km run in Dec 2011 and although I only run in the 5-6km events I’ve now run around 54 events in New Zealand and Melbourne.  I have gained most of my medals since living in Melbourne.  It’s one of the main reasons why I love participating in events - for the race bib and medal. I have also done a few short trail runs, a dry obstacle event and The Colour Run at Flemington.  

With 2020 being totally different since March, I’ve had 3 virtual runs.  It certainly isn’t the same as actually starting at the start line and finishing at the end with hundreds of others.  This Sunday, July 26th, should have been my 5thout of the last 6 years competing in Run Melbourne.  It has been postponed but I’ll still do the virtual run.  

I love to run by myself in the mornings while listening to Spotify.  Now I can regularly update my running playlist.  I always take running shoes on holiday with me, even if only a weekend away.  I love the satisfaction of taking a short run in another part of Australia or the world.  One day I would like to run in an event outside of Melbourne.  Unfortunately no one else in my family likes running as much as I do.  

More recently I have pushed myself to move from 5km to 6km. I am not sure whether I will run a longer distance but I’m happy with my progress at 6km, 3 times a week.  I do feel old injuries flaring up, but I do daily exercises to keep my quads, glutes and hips strong.  

I’m glad I finally bought a Medal Display as I love looking at my medals and it hasn’t taken long to get full.  There is always room to add more medals because of the joy it gives me to run and get out there!”


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