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Medal Display of The Month

We love receiving photos of all your medals and each month our favourite will earn a free Medal Display and be featured in our Athlete Spotlight!

This month we feature a runner who was able to use running as a tool to overcome some of life's challenges, Rick Battersby!

Firstly we would like to thank Rick for being so honest and open about his journey, one that others will no doubt be able to empathize with on some level.

For Rick, sport was always a massive part of his life and his dream was to play sport for a living. When that didn't happen and when the other priorities that come with growing older took hold he retired from all sports and quickly lost his identity as a person.

Rick told us he then developed really bad depression and his weight ballooned to 95kgs. He split with his wife at the time and hit rock bottom.

Gaining inspiration from seeing his Cousin posting pics and status updates of his fitness journey, Rick decided to go to a personal trainer.

Around the same time, Rick was invited to start running with a friend who's a runner. He said "It was meant to be a slow 5km run, I think I lasted a 1km and needed a rest. The next few runs with her I felt it becoming easier and I actually enjoyed it!"

It wasn't long before Rick was looking at times and PBs. He realised he had become a runner. He started entering SAARC events and in 3 years went from 5km events to half marathons. This year he's doing ten half marathons all around Australia!

Reflecting on the last few years, Rick said "Apart from the journey of running, the biggest part I have loved the most is how it's helped my mental capacity. I would like to think I have inspired a few people on my fb with my posts, it's a nice feeling and it's nice to share my story with others who also are on a journey to go through life keeping fit."

Again, a huge thanks to Rick for sharing his story. It shows not only the effect that having a healthy passion can have on one's own self but also how it can be inspiring to others we come in to contact with.

Keep running and keep inspiring, Rick. And that goes to everyone reading this as well!

(More information about depression, including how to get support can be found at

Athlete Spotlight - Rick Battersby

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