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When it comes to running, it's not plain sailing for everyone. There are heroes among us who have to overcome challenges in order to take part in the sport they love.

Today we are thrilled to share Chelsea Jackson's story of how she manages to stay active despite nerve damage to her vertebra...


“I started running in March 2014 and did our local version of Colour Run 5km after seeing a flyer. I complained a lot during that run which I would end up walking most of and taking over 38 minutes to complete. That run also led me to discover that I had asthma and incredibly flat feet.

I was struggling with anxiety and depression at the time so running was great for my mental health. Each run made me feel like I had accomplished something great for the day. I finished my first half marathon in December 2014 while I was six weeks pregnant with my first child, Caleb. 

After Caleb's birth, I found out I had nerve damage to my L5 vertebra otherwise known as L5 Radiculopathy. My neurologists said my muscles were fine but the messages to move my left leg weren't getting all the way through.

I couldn't feel my left big toe and there was numbing throughout my left leg. This meant that I had foot drop, tripped over constantly and had to be extra careful about injuring my toe.

I still tried to run as much as I could but juggling my first child, work, home and whatever was left of my social life was incredibly difficult. 

I had my second child, Ethan in August 2018, where I ended up damaging my right side. I thought that was it, that I'd have to give up running forever.

I'm 28 years old now and my sons are now 3.5 years old and 10 months old. I run regularly with my boys with our double running pram. Albeit, I do look a bit funny.

I've done a lot of fun runs in between and I aim to do a half marathon in October 2019. I hope to be able to complete a marathon one day.

At the moment, I'm just finding other mums to workout with as well as utilizing my local gym where they have a crèche!

I love running and I doubt anything can stop that.”



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