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Medal Display of the Month

It always makes our day when you send us pics of your Medal Displays so please keep tagging @medaldisplays on instagram!

Each month we choose our favourite pic to showcase as our 'Medals of The Month'.

This month we were especially impressed with this medal haul belonging to Carrie Waters as well as her creative mounting!

Carrie's journey and attitude towards running before she became a runner will resonate with a lot of us! In her own words, here is her story...

"My running journey started in 2019 where as a part of a 6-week challenge, my PT set me a goal to run 3km; so I ran 5km instead! And I've kept on running since (although sometimes inconsistently but for the most part I haven't stopped).

I used to be that person who would say if you ever saw me running it'd be because someone was chasing me and now, if I miss too many runs, I literally miss it and can't wait to get back out there.

I have a few good friends who I used to think were crazy running, seriously who runs at 5am? Or runs half marathons? Let alone full marathons!? But it didn't take long for said crazy friends to start coaching and encouraging me to run longer and further and start entering some events.

My first event was Bridge to Brisbane in 2019, had never run further than 5km before that event and didn't really prepare a great deal leading up to the day. I surprised myself, not only did I survive the full 10km, I finished with a decent time.

From there I started looking for other events for 2020 and then we all know how that year turned out which introduced me to the Virtual Events and the collecting of running bling began!

One of those crazy running friends I mentioned before later became my partner and with his support, this year I completed my first ever half marathon and I plan to do it again in 2022 and beat my time.

I may have actually mapped out the year of events and running bling to collect along the way! So I suppose you could now say that I am one of those crazy running friends!

Running for me is about pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, fighting your inner self to not stop and to keep going and really just challenging yourself along the way and finding that next milestone to tick off or new PB to achieve. And if you can find someone who loves to run as much as you do, it makes staying motivated and focused a little easier, (I may need to apologise for some of the things I say while we are running!) and also makes you a little competitive.

As you can see I clearly have some catching up to do on the medal tally!"

Carrie Waters


Would you like to be featured in our Medals of The Month?

Our mission is to help celebrate wins and inspire many more, by hanging medals properly.

Keep posting photos of your Medal Displays to our Facebook page or tag @MedalDisplays on Instagram for your chance to be featured and earn yourself a free Medal Display!

Plus, you never know who you might inspire!

We're super excited about this as we know that behind every collection of medals is an awesome story!