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Medal Display Hanger

We love it when you tag us in your medal photos and each month we choose our favourite pic to showcase as our 'Medals of The Month'.

We're always excited about this feature as we believe that every medal is a story of human triumph that should be celebrated!

This months winner, Anna McPhie, is in love with running and she was kind enough to take some time to share her story with us...

"I fell I love with running in 2016 after having my second baby. I wanted to get fit, shift some baby weight but mostly I wanted something for me where I could set goals and find some motivation again.

This love affair began on a treadmill in my garage, I slowly worked up to running 5km and then decided I’d enter a race and run my first 10km.

The moment I crossed that 10km finish line I was hooked! I signed up for another a few weeks later, and another , followed by my first half marathon and well here I am 5 years later, 12 half marathons and patiently training for my first full marathon.

I’ve had a little bit of bad luck with a few injuries, burst appendix and this current pandemic which have delayed my marathon dream but when I set my eyes on a goal there is no stopping me, it’s not “if” I’ll do it, it’s “when” will I do it.

I have been with Run2pb online coaching for almost 3 years now and my coach Zacca has kept me motivated as he’s helped me build back from those injuries and maintain my fitness.

I love a routine so waking up each day and knowing what run or workout I have planned for the day is perfect for me.

Running has definitely helped me mentally tackle difficult situations with a strength I never knew I had.

When you have to push yourself up that hill 18/19km into a half marathon you need to dig deep and find a strength to keep on going. That’s what I love, you push yourself further than you think you can go.

It’s definitely not been easy to stay motivated during so many Melbourne lockdowns but it just makes me hungrier to achieve my goal! "

- Thanks so much for taking the time to share your story, Anna! We love your attitude and are excited for when when you conquer the Marathon!

On a side note, Anna didn't ask us to share this but she also makes delicious sugar free and low carb treats that are perfect for runners! Check out on Insta.

Anna McPhie


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Plus, you never know who you might inspire!

We're super excited about this as we know that behind every collection of medals is an awesome story!