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What is a virtual race?

Virtual Races are steadily growing in popularity and these days it seems like there's always somebody on our social media feed taking part in one, but just what is a Virtual Race?

Well, a Virtual Race is essentially a running race that can be completed at any time within the guidelines and on any route you choose. You just sign up for the distance you like, strap on your GPS and run! You can run your favorite route, hit the treadmill or even run in another event. You can even split the distance up over the duration of the event, usually one month. Perhaps it is this convenience that is making them more popular than ever among people with busy lifestyles.

What makes Virtual Races different from going for a normal run?

Not only do you receive a medal for your awesome work but you've ran with purpose and donated to a worthy charity. If you're in training for another event or even if you just need a little extra motivation to get you out running on the cold evenings then I really urge you to sign up.


How do I take the challenge?

A Virtual Race that we are supporting is the Childhood Cancer - Race4Research. It is organised by Katherine and Nic, two lovely members of Running Mums Australia, and all profits go to Children's Tumour Bank. You can choose 1km, 5km, 10km, 20m, 50km or 100km and you can split the distance over as many runs as you like within June 2015. It's just $27 and you'll get an extra medal to hang on your Medal Display! For more details, take positive action now and head to