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Runners deal with consistent aches and pains in their legs due to the prolonged use of their muscles. It can take a while for their legs to heal after they have participated in a marathon or race.

The exhaustion from running for several miles has also prevented many runners from completing a race. For that reason, many professionals are more than willing to try out products that promise them faster speeds and quicker recovery time.

Those who have tried using compression socks to ease the pain from cramps and muscle fatigue have managed to experience positive results.

What are Compression Socks?

Compression Socks, also commonly known as compression stockings, are tight-fitting socks that apply pressure to the legs in order to force blood flow upwards. This process helps to prevent the legs from swelling and an also prevent blood clots from forming.

A doctor may prescribe compression socks to their patients who have spider veins, varicose veins, or to prevent fluid from accumulating in the lower legs.

How Can Runners Benefit From Wearing Compression Socks?

Runners choose to use compression socks because they can help eliminate common issues such as muscle cramps and muscle fatigue in the legs. These socks can also help increase oxygen delivery and lower the amount of lactic acid that forms in the leg area.

Runners trust compressed attire because they have proven to be effective in increasing blood flow.

The theory that the socks will help an individual run faster is still debatable, however it is strongly believed that compression socks can prevent oscillation of the muscles from occurring as well as promote healthy muscle efficiency.